Diamond Peel Or Microdermabrasion – Indications And How It Is Done

Diamond Peeling is a method known as Microdermabrasion, a method that makes non-invasively for skin exfoliation on your surface layer.

Diamond Peeling promotes exfoliation able to renew the skin cell layer, the study was published in a scientific journal 2009 known the “Archives of Dermatology”, the study was done at the University of Michigan in the United States.

According this study rejuvenates skin exfoliation through changes in their cells. Collagen is responsible for shaping, and support structure of the skin, and the peeling stimulates your production. Some researchers claim that the method is done aggressively increased collagen production is stimulated, but of course as long as it doesn’t destroy the skin tissue.

Diamond Peel or Microdermabrasion –

Diamond Peeling is indicated in the treatment of superficial stains usually called Melanosis. These melanoses are located in epidermis or top layer of skin. With exfoliation caused by diamond peeling happens the Elimination of melanoses and also help to improve the scars left on the skin for acne, although they are more profound and your improvement is pretty decent.

As acnes the fine wrinkles have their scars and your benefit is also very small and that the ideal is to use some cosmetics to soften the lines of expression.


Diamond Peeling also helps in the case who has very open pores. These pores is shaped like a cone and when you remove the skin they become narrower thus decreasing the your size.

Some dermatologists claim that the treatment also helps in improvement of stretch marks, the more vermelhadas that are recent. By stimulating cells in the wound healing is more discreet in the region.

Diamond peeling treatment can be done on any person regardless of your skin tone, even those more Tan where there will be removing the Tan with superficial skin removal.

Can be made anywhere in the body and facial treatment in wrinkles, spots and large pores are indicated for rejuvenating lap reducing wrinkles and fine lines, in the rejuvesnescimento of hands by promoting improved texture, fine wrinkles and stains and decrease for the red and white striations.

Diamond Peel or Microdermabrasion – as

Diamond Peeling is done without anesthesia only a cleaning of the skin in the treatment site where is placed the diamond tip. The professional moves in a circle on your skin and also stretch it with your hands so that the tip of diamond can treat all skin. In the region of the eyes do not use suction and the lips should never receive the peeling.

The tip part of the equipment has on your end a diamond tough and who has the ability to sand the skin. There are three types of probes available for treating the largest has a diameter of 75 micrones another 100 micrones and the lowest of all 150 micrones. By using the tips of 100 and 150 micrones exfoliation happens in a more delicate of microne 75 already penetrates more deeply into the skin and your suction is much larger. The tip is chosen according to the treatment to be done. In stretch marks treatment should be made stronger in the face skin exfoliations must be done more smoothly.

Although diamond peeling treatment isn’t painful, the skin may become red and flake off for a few days. Already in stretch marks treatments where the scrub is made of deeper can feel a discomfort but still is very little.