Diamancel, Files with Diamond Dust. Now in Spain

I have since years a authentic pumice stone and it is the only one that really works for me with the skin of the heels. As I had to throw it at last and have not found an effective substitute, I went to the search for a file that would work really.

Because (I don’t know if you passed to you) fashion or colors, substitutes the pumice stones those files with handle, they do nothing to much: I need something stronger. I bring a brand of nail files and nail polishing of skin that I have not had chance to try but I think the next time you go to Barcelona buy: Diamancel.

This Canadian brand is very prestigious, is used in very select beauty centers and to find them will have to investigate points of sale in Spain that I leave here, either, buy it online on your website.

I started the House through the roof and you have not told what is special. The files range Diamancel are made with diamond powder, the hardest material that you can find. That translates into a file or polishing of heavy-duty, washable and extra-eficaz.

Lima the outer layer Skin dead almost effortlessly but strongly. Don’t worry that it will be too aggressive because it is made in a way that edges do not drill and its glass fibre base makes it flexible and resistant at the same time.

There is the file fine, medium and rough so it adapts to any need as well as polishing of feet, dry heels, duricias and calluses. Prices vary from 36 to 64 euros (well, is diamond dust, do you expect?) and is an investment that I’m willing to do to dispel this skin of elephant that I have left at the end of summer. I will tell you.