Dental – For Contact Lens That Serves and Price

Dental contact lens is known as dental veneer or porcelain contact lens. Can be made of porcelain or material containing resin. The dental porcelain contact lens are the most resistant stains and mimic perfectly the light which reflects on natural teeth. Many famous opt for treatment to improve your image.


For Serving the Dental contact lens

Dental contact lens is indicated for patients who have large spaces between teeth, namely badly positioned and irregular, however there can be no critical problem in temporomandibuluar joint (TMJ). Can also be used in discolored teeth which occurs because a root canal or the use of tetracycline and other medications, excess fluoride and other causes, teeth worn, chipped or broken teeth.

For treatment should follow the three steps. When visiting the dentist for the first time he makes the mold of the patient’s teeth and performs the digital planning of the smile. This is done on a computer giving the dentist easy to draw and show to your patient and your smile will be after the placement of the contact lens. The patient then makes the radiological process of your dental records and before final placement of the lens the dentist shows how your work through a technique known as mock-up.


The tooth must be prepared to receive dental contact lenses and this requires the removal of 1/2 mm of enamel of the tooth surface, approximately the thickness of the lens that will be placed. Will be made then a tooth mold is sent to a dental prosthetics lab finally will make contact. This process shall takes between one to two weeks.


Contact lens Price Dental

This type of dental treatment should greatly improve the self-esteem and the social conviviality. The lens does not cause any discomfort and who are using or feel the lenses. Some surveys show that the average price in Brazil for this treatment this spinning around real real 3000 1500 per tooth.

Dental contact lens is not indicated for children and adolescents, or if the patient already has in your tooth a porcelain or ceramic prosthesis.