Decorated Nails And Nail Polish Sets 2015 – Photos And Trends

Decorated Nails and nail polish sets 2015, with the fundamental fashion parades in SPFW and also Fashion Rio, was displayed at major trends of colors of Nail Polish, taking so care of hands of women for the coming season.

Colors and trends are already messing with the head of the female audience.

In the year 2014 the colors stood out on the runway, were strong colors as the color coral and wine. For the year 2015, the promise of a highlight and which promises to influence the large collections of enamels are the nude tones and blue tones.

Generally to those interested in always being inside the fashion and decorated nails and nail polish trends, stay tuned to find out the news of first. The summer came and who owns a beauty salon and lives of this work is very important to remain mindful innovations that are related to the nails and nail polish sets for 2015.

Those that enjoy being with your nails always tidy and elegant look at the trends and news for this year.

Light colors and tones nudes Nail Polish sets.

On behalf of women more discreet and more angelic behavior, some brands have bucked in glazes as clear as white and nude.

Metallized Enamels

Some brands bet on a bolder, modern enamel for occasions of much refinement, leave your hands more sophisticated such as metallic glazes


Glaze of blue tones.

Main trend for this summer, the blue enamel was the highlight in the parade this summer of 2015, with the presentation of the actress Giovanna Antonelli with the glaze color royal blue in their hand in the parade, guarantees success for your second collection, showing that this is a color that goes with those women of strong personality and decision. Remembering what other shades of blue, sky blue and dark part also to the success of 2015.


Glazes shades pink.

Trend pink comes with all this summer, 2015 with your featured in the hands of the success models in the show, is a light and elegant color for any kind of occasion.


Nails Decorated for 2015

Are decorated nails that never go out of fashion, just you abuse of colors, mixing the decoration of many wonderful nails already presented as ideas. Some ideas of the nail with the step by step for you to do at home.

New trends are beautiful to you do and stay stylish for any occasion throughout 2015.

Step-by-step video of how to make beautiful nails decorated to enjoy 2015!