Cook Islands As a Travel Destination

Cook’s archipelago of islands surrounded by lagoons in the middle of the Pacific Ocean provides a relaxed getaway for those looking for exoticism.

Untouched palm beaches and the atmosphere of a timeless island paradise are the best of the Cook Islands. According to countryaah, the islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean about 3,500 kilometers northeast of New Zealand.


Palm trees and a paradise beach

The Cook Islands, another form of the Cook Islands, are administratively the autonomous territory of New Zealand. The islands have a government as well as their own parliament, but the bond with New Zealand is strong.

The climate in the Cook Islands is tropically warm. Imaginations of the paradise islands are right here: colorful fish swim in the coastal waters and the weather is mildly pleasant all year round thanks to the trade winds.

The connection to New Zealand is also visible in practice. The currency of the Cook Islands is the New Zealand Dollar and the English language gets along well.


Flying through New Zealand

Flights to the Cook Islands depart from Auckland, New Zealand. It is also possible to travel to the island of Rarotonga from the United States and Australia.

Short for CW by abbreviationfinder, the Cook Islands are a typical leg of world tours. Many who travel the world for a longer time stop to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the islands and take off their watches for a moment.


Book your accommodation in advance

Accommodation in the Cook Islands should be booked in advance and the tourist should remember the mandatory departure fee to be paid at the airport upon departure.

The islands are easiest to explore on a scooter. For a scooter ride, a local driver’s license is required, which can be obtained from the police station. Exploring the world of atolls can be done on a lagoon cruise or by renting your own boat.


Cosmopolitan Rarotonga

Rarotonga, whose central parts are dominated by mountains, is the international center of the Cook Islands. The circumference of the island is a modest 32 kilometers, but it is still by far the largest in the entire archipelago.

The overall level of development in Rarotonga is high due to the strong ties to New Zealand. For example, accommodation on the island can be found from traditional hostels to five-star hotels. Rarotonga’s local food is focused on a variety of seafood, such as swordfish.

First-class fun in Rarotonga includes snorkeling, sailing, diving and fishing. In the area you can see reef sharks, giant turtles, barracudas and even humpback whales at certain times of the year. A hiking trip in the rainforest and mountains of the island is also worthwhile.

Paradise Island Aitutaki

Named one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, Aitutaki takes the visitor amidst turquoise seas and tranquil palm beaches.

With Aitutak, it is worth setting aside time to explore the lagoon, which is twelve kilometers wide, and the uninhabited islands or moths located there. The exploration trip is best handled by a lagoon cruise, which is done on a boat carrying about ten people.

Such a cruise also has the opportunity to depart in the Onefoot mini-state, where the visitor receives a foot-shaped stamp on their passport.