Cleaner Go 360 Clean of L’oreal with Brush Exfoliating Gel

It seems that all brands have reached agreement in incorporate into their products a brush that remove the dead with the cleaning cells. A few days ago it was you of Garnier, and today I bring you the range of cleaners of L’ Oreal Go 360 Clean Exfoliating brush. Or perhaps I should say better embedded.

As you can see in the photo, the pot of gel carries the scrublet (brush) attached on the front. To use it must remove it first, throw a little product on it and apply on the face with rotary movements. Although hardly seen in the main picture, the brush has a few skewers of rubber with two different sizes to make it easier to use it.

L’ Oréal has launched 4 cleaners in this range, the photo is ideal for oily, that promises to clean the pore and perform a thorough cleaning. It is gel texture, but also you have this cleaner in texture cream (for dry skin) (mixed) lotion and even scrub version. All of them with their corresponding scrublet.

As I told you the other day I love the Exfoliating cleansers already years ago used a small brush to wash my face, so this novelty of L’Oreal seems to me to be very interesting and I can’t wait to try it as soon as you arrive in Spain. The brush that brings seems much more manageable and more effective than the Garnier.