China Travel Destinations

Getting around Chinese cities

Cities should be transported by efficient public transport, especially the metro, unless the huge crowd is terrible. Taxis are inexpensive but are prone to traffic jams. Drivers rarely speak English. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the address written on the tag in Chinese.

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Surprisingly good mobility in the cities is provided by locally favored bicycles, which can be easily rented.

Visa required

Travelers to China always need a visa. The passport must be valid for at least six months after leaving the country of China which is abbreviated as CHN by abbreviationfinder.

You can get a visa on your own directly at the Chinese Embassy in Kulosaari, Helsinki, or leave the matter to a travel agency. When using a travel agency, the price of a visa is higher. You can find the forms required for applying for a visa here.

The visa application requires a fresh color passport photo measuring 5 x 5 cm, as well as copies of round-trip tickets, hotel reservation and passport personal information page. The passport photo will be glued or stapled to the application, which must be returned carefully completed and signed.

If you visit Hong Kong, among other destinations, during your trip to China, you will need to obtain a double-entry visa, which entitles you to two entries.



The largest cities of China include Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Beijing and the Forbidden City

Beijing, the capital of China, is the most famous and traditional travel destination in the country. Beijing meets modern architecture and China’s most famous historical sites.

Beijing’s most famous attraction is the Forbidden City, preceded by Tiananmen Square. Today, the Forbidden City, a museum, is a huge palace area that served as the residence of Chinese rulers for centuries.

The Great Wall of China is a short distance from Beijing and is a must-see day trip destination for every traveler.

Other attractions in Beijing include the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. In addition, the city offers good and extensive shopping opportunities.

Tremendous Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest and most modern city in China. The skyline of the city is dominated by taller skyscrapers. There are an unlimited number of leisure and shopping opportunities in Shanghai.

Shanghai is a melting pot of Western and Eastern culture, with much history beneath its modern surface. History is reminiscent of, among other things, Shanghai’s Old Town with its numerous gardens.

In addition to comfortable pastimes and shopping, time can be spent in Shanghai to view the scenery from heights. In the Jinmao building, for example, you can visit the 88th floor and enjoy the incredible views.

A good excursion for a holiday in Shanghai is a visit to Hangzhou and Suzhou Gardens.

The bustling life of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, which has long been a British colony, is a great melting pot of cultures. The city is a fascinating mix of east and west, a big city and untouched nature, modern technology and ancient cultural traditions.

In addition to skyscrapers, Hong Kong is rich in ancient Chinese culture. In Hong Kong, a tourist can throw himself in the heart of the big city or get to know the secrets of Chinese culture.

In English, Hong Kong means a fragrant port, and the city is located in an area of ​​densely located islands. Landscapes range from the city’s skyscrapers to deserted sandy beaches.

Hong Kong’s must-see experiences include crossing the bay on a traditional Star Ferry ferry, a night market and ascending a trolley to Victoria Peak, which offers spectacular views over the skyscraper sea. Things to do for families with children are provided by Hong Kong’s own Disneyland.

Shopper in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, or Guangzhou, is one of the largest cities in southern China and an important commercial center with tremendous shopping opportunities. Especially for buying traditional Chinese gifts, silk, tea and jade items, Guangzhou is a great destination.

However, Guangzhou is best known for its food. The form of Chinese cuisine that has spread to the world, i.e. Cantonese cuisine, comes from here. The menus on the restaurants have an awesome selection, and at best there are over a thousand dishes on offer!

Xi’an Terracotta Army

Xi’an is the former capital of China for 13 dynasties, or about 1,100 years. Xi’an is especially known for its terracotta army found in 1974, which guards the tomb of Qin Shi Huang.

The Terracotta Army is one of the most significant archaeological finds in the world and a spectacular attraction. The clay figures of a terracotta army of nearly 8,000 men have been carved to a natural size, and each warrior has an individual look.

In addition, Xi’an is known for its historic buildings and the capital of Islam in China. Islam once passed through Xi’an through the Silk Road.


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Experience these in China

  1. the great wall of China
  2. The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square
  3. Xi’an Terracotta Army
  4. Hong Kong as seen from Victoria Hill
  5. Macao’s historic center
  6. Shanghai skyscrapers
  7. Hangzhou Gardens and Temples
  8. Suzhou – “Venice of the East”, a historic city near Shanghai
  9. Hainan – a tropical beach vacation on the island
  10. Jiuzhaigou – Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province

Taste these in China

  1. Peking duck
  2. Kung Pon chicken
  3. Spring rolls
  4. Dim sum meal
  5. Chinese Hot Pot