Anti-Cellulite and Cheap Gear to Start The Season

I am not too in favour of the anti-cellulite because in my opinion they have little effectiveness, but it is true that accompanied by exercise can improve unless the State and the appearance of the affected skin. So ago long time that if I decide to use one never is the most expensive but more affordable brands in the Pocket and just for prevention, without waiting for miracles.

I have the experience that when one of the expensive always works for me they changed the formula the following year and me is not as effective, so I prefer to trust me cheap brands that he kept the formula because advertising and branding not obligated to do so. I leave my experience with some of them:

  • Yacel belly flat (18 euros): Yacel brand is well known in body care and this belly reducer promises a clash against fat and draining effect. After several weeks of use I noticed much more smooth and elastic skin, but nothing more is noticed in the affected area. That Yes, it is a delight to use.
  • Good Bye cellulite Nivea (12 euros): With that price, it is worth to try it. Take L-carnitine and is cooling effect, thing that I didn’t nothing initially. But after you get used, this fact helped that this product not liked me too. The skin is hydrated much, but nothing more.
  • Anti-cellulite ampoules of Garnier (20 euros): The blisters are the format that I like, since they are the most noticed effect. As soon as you apply the skin remains as “ stretched ” and imperfections are much less. Moreover as soon as you see them a couple of days in a row that tightening effect lasts more and more. They also smell very well.
  • Belly Babaria drawing (13 Euro): Another of the anti-cellulite or cheaper gear on the market. It has three effects: moisturizes, strengthens and removes fat. Obviously the eliminate fats stays for advertising and reaffirm so to speak. As much as it hydrates the skin just like any of their body milk.
  • Roll-on Massager from Garnier (16 euros): It is a rare but very convenient to apply format. However it is not as effective as blisters, thing that has happened to me with other products of the same type of Garnier. Slightly taut skin but little lasting effect and long term not so noticeable.

Never have used, however, the famous anti-cellulite de compras, but suppose all have experience in the regard you have comments open.