Anaemia in Runners: How to Detect It and Fight It

Anemia is an organic anomaly that appears in many corridors. It is due to a lack of iron, which translates into a lack of energy It will result in a deterioration of physical performance.

Against what many people believe, the runners is a common disorder that is basically due to the excessive efforts often the runners. If you add iron poor diet the problem worsens more. The main affected tend to be those who practice career background mostly women in fertile age, due to menstruation.

Iron deficiency, resulting from the lack of iron anemia can be detected easily, and it is that the symptoms common are fatigue, have fatigue when you get up, slow recovery after exercise, lack of color in the skin resulting in Pale, slight depression, difficulty sleeping, tachycardia, excessive sleep, nervousness…

Despite being a common disorder in many corridors, in the majority of cases can suffer symptoms of anaemia without suffering it really, and it is that many athletes have low levels of hemogoblina in blood but not actually have anemia, because iron is hosted on molecules transported in muscles.

This type of disorders can be avoided if we follow a adequate food rich in iron, especially if we practice sport. They are recommended foods containing large doses of iron such as red meat, lamb and chicken liver, Brewer’s yeast, algae, molluscs such as clams, cockles, mussels…

We can also find high doses of iron in the bluefin tuna, vegetables, egg… Must not forget that in the uptake of iron by the body, vitamin C has a very important role that can be found in citrus fruits, kiwis… It is important to take these foods to properly absorb iron.

But before you determine whether we suffer no lack of iron by the symptoms that we have, we must go to a doctor, because anemia is detected with a blood test. In this case we need to take iron supplements that should be prescribed by a specialist. We should never automedicarnos in this case.