Albania – the Secret Gem of the Mediterranean

Albania is an unexpectedly wonderful destination for both beach and city holidays. Read Rantapallo’s destination guide and plan your own holiday!

Albania is waiting to be discovered

Albania is still quite unknown as a travel destination, at least for Finns. This makes it an even more attractive travel destination, as the atmosphere in the country is authentic and immediate, the price level affordable and the locals friendly and helpful.

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As a country located in southern Europe defined by countryaah, Albania is a getaway in the heart of the Mediterranean that is fast gaining popularity among tourists. The tourism business at the beginning of its heyday offers more and more quality services, but Albania still has unspoilt and authentic areas as well as an interesting cocktail of different cultures.

Albania’s landscape is delightfully varied: forests, mountains, lakes and beaches offer diverse opportunities. Albanians are an amazing people in their authenticity and hospitality. An interesting dimension to the journey is the acquaintance with the long-hidden and interesting history of Albania.

Versatile Albania offers something for everyone: a fascinating budget destination for backpackers, an easy and relaxing beach holiday for families and couples, and an addictive city destination for the cultural traveler – not to mention hiking opportunities. At the latest, now is the time to throw prejudices in the rubbish bin: Albania is the perfect surprise at the moment. Explore the beaches of Sarandë or Dürres, the vibrant urban culture of Tirana or the unforgettable scenery of the shores of Lake Skutari in northern Albania.

Called the Albanian Alps, the Prokletij Mountains are located in the very north of the country, near the Montenegrin border.

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Summer is the hottest season

Short for AL by abbreviationfinder, Albania has a fairly typical Mediterranean climate, which means that summers are hot and sunny, while winters are cool and rainy. However, it should be noted that Albania’s geographical diversity causes significant climatic differences between different parts of the country. The mountainous northeastern parts are typically colder than the southwestern coastal areas. In the mountains, the temperature rarely rises above 20 degrees, while in the south, during the summer months, mercury rises above 40 degrees.

The Albanian coast, like Sarandëen, is worth traveling between late spring and early fall. In spring and autumn the temperatures are pleasantly warm and the beaches calm. Out of season, it is also cheaper than usual, and you don’t usually have to pay for beach chairs, for example. However, it is worth remembering that some restaurants and services are closed out of season, and flights are also more challenging to get.

Tirana, on the other hand, is an interesting city destination all year round, and the temperature does not drop to frost in winter. From spring to autumn, however, the city is at its most vibrant, although the hottest summer months of all can be unnecessarily scorching for a city break.

Cheap beach resort

Perhaps a little surprisingly, Albania is also a beach destination that rivals many of the more popular Mediterranean destinations. The island of Corfu, known as a popular tourist destination in Greece, is only about 30 km from the Albanian coastal town of Sarandë, but despite this short distance, Albanian tourism is not as developed as in Greece. However, in the same turquoise blue sea, you can also splash on the Albanian side.

The price level in Albania is only a fraction of the prices in Finland, so you can go on holiday in Albania widely without fear of lightening your wallet. You can already notice the difference to the more popular tourist countries by traveling for an hour by ferry to the Greek side – prices are practically doubling.

Consensus despite the language barrier

Albanians speak little English, although the language skills of the young population are constantly improving. However, the locals are friendly and helpful, so the language barrier is rarely an insurmountable problem. If problems or ambiguities arise, there is no need to be afraid to open your mouth – always someone who knows someone who speaks English and someone else who will help with the dilemma.

The local currency is the Albanian Lek, and one euro equals about 140 Lek. Dropping is customary, and the polite amount is about 5-10% of the total amount on the invoice. It is worth remembering that Albania is still a poor country, and service fees that seem like little flutes are an important source of income for locals.



Long beaches and affordable prices are the strengths of Albania.

The best travel destinations in Albania

  1. Sarandë
  2. Skutarijärvi
  3. Tirana
  4. Durrës

The most unforgettable experiences in Albania

  1. Visit to the Syri i Kaltër spring
  2. Beach day by the clear Adriatic Sea
  3. Delicacy with a local serving of fish
  4. Hiking around Lake Skutari