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The capital Tirana is a popular destination in Albania.

By change or by ferry

There are no direct flights from Finland to Albania and the offer of package tours is also limited. Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa will fly from Finland via one stopover to Tirana in a minimum of six hours. In the summer of 2020, Norwegian will fly direct flights from Helsinki to Tirana.

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The easiest way to reach southern Sarandë is by flying a TUI or Norwegian ride to Corfu, Greece, but only in high season. From Corfu, on the other hand, it is easy to get to the Sarandë side by ferry, which takes half an hour and a half. The price of a one-way ferry trip is around 20 euros. Note, however, that the last direct flights from Helsinki to Corfu will be flown in September.

Also Apollomatkat and Tjäreborg offering package tours to Albania which is short for ALB by abbreviationfinder.

Accommodation for every need

Accommodation in Albania can be found in many categories. Budget travelers will find cheap hostels, especially in Tirana, but high-quality hotel accommodation is also available. A holidaymaker in affordable Albania saves a long penny in hotels, as even good rooms rarely have to pay for themselves. The season raises prices, so the most expensive accommodation is from June to August.

Poor roads and muddy drivers

Domestic transport in Albania is perhaps one of the worst aspects of the country. According to countryaah, Albania is a country located in southern Europe. The traffic is chaotic, the local driving style daring and the road network in shameless condition. Even for short transitions within the country, a lot of time should be set aside, as it easily takes six hours to cover a couple of hundred kilometers in Albania.

If you plan to travel by bus for longer distances, be prepared for a long surface. Nor should you be surprised if the journey is interrupted, for example, by a herd of cows or goats. However, buses are not expensive, and it is possible to travel from Albania to neighboring Montenegro, for example.

Most of the destinations become quite familiar on foot, but it is also worth taking advantage of the cheap taxis. Car hire is an option for brave drivers who are not afraid of poor roads and the local traffic culture.

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In Albania you can also enjoy wonderful beach resorts.

Colorful Tirana washes her face

Not so long ago, the Albanian capital, Tirana, constantly showed up on the lists of Europe’s poorest cities. However, living in constant change, Tirana today is a surprisingly green and colorful city with plenty to see for a long weekend or even a week. Tirana is the country’s largest city, and its cultural and shopping opportunities are equally the best in the country – although in the hope of a mere shopping trip, Albania is not worth traveling to.

Tirana’s café and restaurant culture is a fun mix of different country influences. Turkish and Italian influences in particular shine through. Sit in the café for a cup of macchiato and a local gelato – your taste buds will get to Italy.

Tirana’s most famous attractions include the Piramida concrete pyramid, known for its ugliness, erected in the late 80s in memory of former Albanian tyrant ruler Enver Hoxha. Many would like to destroy the pyramid, but it is also seen as an important symbol and reminder of the problems of Stalinism.

Tirana is great for night skiers as the nightlife is lively. Numerous terraces, bars and Cups pulsate with life, and music roars with unacceptable loudness, as is customary in the Balkans.

The picturesque seaside town of Sarandë

The horseshoe-like Sarandë coastline offers enchanting postcard views for the unseen. Glowing like turquoise, the brighter Mediterranean Sea and pebble beaches are an integral part of Sarandë’s landscape. Most of Sarandë’s beaches are the paradise beaches of Ksamil, 17 km away, with the exception of a small and sharp pebble. However, the whole family also enjoys the rocky and gently deepening beaches.

The hotel’s beaches are some of the best in the area, and you can rent a beach chair for a few euros. Often there is no need to pay for a chair when shopping. You should prepare for rocky beaches with swimming shoes that also protect against sea urchins.

In addition to the beaches, Sarandë’s attractions include the Roman ruins of Butrint and the Syri i Kaltër spring. Also, don’t miss out on tasting local fish dishes. An avid fisherman can even get to enjoy the fish they catch themselves at a local restaurant.


Durrës is a lesser-known destination in Sarandëak, whose fine sandy beaches are mainly enjoyed by locals. Durrës is Albania’s largest port city with a vibrant cultural life. The city’s main attractions include a Roman amphitheater.

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The area around Lake Skutari, between Albania and Montenegro, is undoubtedly home to some of Albania’s most spectacular scenery. The turquoise waters and rugged mountains make an indelible impression, and you might want to consider a hike around the lake. There are also campsites on the lake where you can spend memorable days.