A Look at The Different Types of Makeup Prebases

Within the primers or prebases of makeup are not all equal or are used for the same. If you have used this product since will have proven it yourselves: its texture, type of product, the end result are not the same and vary substantially from each other.

This is paramount to meet and function, derived from this, the main ingredients that contain. Some more to hide fat and pores while others are fixed “ fill ” small expression lines and wrinkles; others simply unify tone to apply makeup.

  • Prebases matifying: They seek only to matificar complexion that don’t shine and also hold makeup without that glitters ruin it. Of these you have many on the market, they are the most common and you can buy them quite cheap. The best I’ve tried are from Clarins (which has other), the Lancome (it can be used on top of makeup) and Murad (at Sephora, the only one that takes FPS).
  • Prebases which visually eliminates pores: It is a different than the mattifying function, although these prebases also usually serve to fill in fine lines. The two I’ve tried of this type are Pore Minimizer Clinique and the Minute Lisse of Clarins. Although they are different (the Clarins has a special texture) both make a similar effect.
  • Prebases preparing the complexion: Which are, in general, more Silicones take, an ingredient that is hated by many users. When applied gives a sensation of “ rubber ” but if you not matter Silicones work very well. I’ve used that of Smashbox (has several colours), the Sephora (a very good choice for money) and the Make Up Forever (quite ligerito).

In any case it is all try and see what you do best. If you are starting to make you is a product that you can, for the moment, dispense with, unless you have many imperfections in the skin that cover.