China – the Center of Asia

China has fascinated tourists with its mystique for centuries. History, culture and oriental exoticism take you away.

According to countryaah, China is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations and a familiar travel destination for more and more Finns. Extensive and diverse China is at its best on a leisurely trip without tight schedules, but even on a short vacation you can see and experience a lot.


Thousands of years of history and skyscrapers

In today’s China, the old and the new meet. The history and culture of the millennial civilization are visible everywhere as still-valid traditions and historic buildings. The modern world comes as boastful skyscrapers and cutting-edge technology.

Both New and Old China offer the traveler endless things to see and do.

A staggering crowd and a fascinating everyday life

China is the third largest country in the world in terms of area, with as many as 14 border neighbors. In terms of population, China is the largest country in the world with a population of about 1.3 billion.

The large population in China is noticed as a ubiquitous, knockout human bustle. Chinese daily life may at first appear to the traveler to be an incomprehensible chaos, but after the initial shock, many make getting to know the Chinese way of life the highlight of their journey.

In China, therefore, a tourist should take care to visit not only the actual attractions but also the ordinary districts where local life appears at its most authentic. Visits should not be feared in vain, as the Chinese are very helpful, even if a common language is not always found.

The culture of inventors

Short for CH by abbreviationfinder, China is one of the oldest civilized areas in the world. For a long time, China was the most advanced nation in the world, and Chinese inventions include gunpowder, fireworks, kite, compass, and papermaking.

Many of China’s millennial traditions are still in full force. Among other things, Chinese music, food and drama are valued around the world and attract more and more tourists with their exotics. Popular experiences include Chinese opera and theater, as well as various kung fu shows.

World famous food culture

Chinese food culture has spread around the world, especially in the form of southern or Cantonese cuisine. There are more regional differences in Chinese food culture than a foreigner will think, but special and tasty food experiences for the tourist are promised regardless of the region.

In China, both meat and vegetables are eaten in a variety of ways. A traveler may not even know what is missing on a plate, but dining in China is a must. For the open-minded, authentic Chinese food tastes almost invariably delicious.

In Chinese restaurants, food is served at tables in shared bowls and the drink is traditionally green tea, but beer is also popular.

From the wall to the Forbidden City

There are also many other things to see in China to counterbalance major world attractions such as the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City of Beijing.

In the countryside, the natural scenery is beautiful, and in the cities, historic buildings, gardens and temples mix with ultramodern glass and metal buildings.

China’s borders also include the world’s highest mountains, the widest deserts and idyllic river valleys, where the country’s glorious history seems to come to life.

So when choosing a destination for a holiday in China, there are plenty of options. What would it sound like, for example, a shopping holiday in Shanghai with great shopping and tall skyscrapers or a relaxing beach holiday on the paradise island of Hanai?

A good general guideline for Chinese tourism is that you shouldn’t try to see too much at once. Instead of greed, you should focus on one area, such as a province or a big city, at a time.


Flights from Finland

There are good flight connections to China from Finland. Finnair flies daily from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport directly to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Round-trip flights to Hong Kong and Beijing cost around € 700-900 and to Shanghai around € 1,000. Flight time to Beijing is less than eight hours, nine hours to Shanghai and Hong Kong almost ten hours.

Accommodation and hotels

China offers accommodation ranging from traditional and simple inns to international luxury hotels. The rapid development of the Chinese economy and the international events taking place in the country have modernized the accommodation offer extensively.

The wide range also applies to prices: anything is available at any price. Accommodation in simple inns can be remarkably affordable, while in luxury hotels the prices are completely Western. The detective finds affordable, and often the price-quality ratio of accommodation in China is quite good.

Separately, it is worth noting that China is building new and renovating the old at a rapid pace. The hotel stock for construction work may regenerate and change rapidly. For example, accommodation tips a few years ago may already be considerably outdated.

Getting around China

As China is the third largest country in the world in terms of area, the distances in the country are huge. When planning internal stages, it is worth reading the map carefully.

By plane or bullet train between cities

It is easiest to move between big cities by plane. Domestic flights in China are conducted on large and modern aircraft, and the level of flight safety is international.

Railways offer a good alternative to flights. China’s state-of-the-art bullet train network is constantly expanding. Trains running at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour have reduced travel times between cities by several hours and challenged domestic air traffic.

However, those traveling on Chinese railways should keep in mind that trains can be very full and railway stations have difficult signs.

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